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Knowledge is the key ingredient needed to develop ourselves as confident Muslims in today’s world. However, many Muslims do not have the time to dedicate themselves to Islamic studies. For this reason, Miftaah has designed a unique initiative catered to the Islamic Studies’ needs of both the Muslim Student and the Muslim professional.

The Seminary offers weekly classes on fundamental subjects. All classes are taught live, and course materials are available to students through the Miftaah Student Portal with lifetime access. By using the most suitable technology to develop a virtual classroom with experienced instructors, we hope to fulfill the need for accessible Islamic education. Through the Miftaah Seminary, students can study multiple subjects with a flexible schedule. Additionally, this class system allows a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood to develop through the years.

There are no prerequisites or qualifications needed to enroll. All of our classes are taught in a manner that engages both beginner and intermediate students of knowledge. In this way, all students are able to complete the class having increased their understanding of the topic covered.

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