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what Does Miftaah provide To The Community

Events and gatherings for all ages and backgrounds. Miftaah provides a space where everyone is welcome to learn and grow.
In order to make Islamic knowledge accessible and inclusive for all Muslims, Miftaah works to provide engaging, diverse, and educational community gatherings.

Through Miftaah, students can engage in conversations and workshops with scholars, fellow students, and attendees. Don’t miss this chance to connect with your community members.

Mercy to Mankind was such a beneficial and educational event! It was a comfortable environment where everyone learned, laughed, and even cried. The overall topics were about the Prophet (saw) and focused on different traits and characteristics he embodied. It was such an enjoyable experience that inshaAllah I have the pleasure of going every year and plan to tell my family and friends to attend as well! - Jannatul ChowdhuryThis was my first Mercy to Mankind Conference (virtual).  Very organized and wonderful variety of speakers and topics regarding our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  One of the many highlights was Sh. Abdullah Waheed's talk about the last 10 days of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Rosanne C.
Mercy to Mankind Attendee

The conference was my first ever and what a wholesome spiritual experience! Miftaah had a diverse panel of speakers who were all very knowledgeable and shared excellent and practical advice. Topics were all very relevant to young adults (eg. Mental health) but also to the general Muslim population. The event was organized very well, from registration to visuals to seating, and they provided snacks + a delicious meal, all for the price of $21. Overall a memorable event. Hoping to bring the whole family next year insha'Allah!!

Musa Butt
Pearls of Faith Attendee

My family and my in-laws came over from Canada to enjoy the carnival, and it did not disappoint! The rides were good, and the food and bazaar vendors were diverse. The petting zoo was also a hit with the kids, and the goats were a good preview for next Eid Udhiyahh!

Eid Carnival Attendee

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