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“Glad tidings to that individual who becomes a Miftaah (key) towards
good and a lock towards evil.” (Sunan Ibn Majah)

— Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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Alhamdulillah, the demand for Miftaah Institute's services has been increasing rapidly. As we work to meet our community’s needs and aid those on the path of sacred knowledge, we ask that you please join us in contributing to its success. By becoming a sustainer, you are investing in the development of our youth, students, and members at large. We thank you for your continuous support, and we pray you to remain steadfast on this journey of knowledge with us.

Video Series

Keep up with our video series on various topics delivered by scholars at Miftaah.

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Muhsin Services

Muhsen is a nonprofit umbrella organization serving children and adults with any intellectual, mental, or physical disability. Muhsen’s aim is to establish an inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with disabilities and their families. Muhsen will assume an active role to advocate and educate, conduct training, and implement programs and services across North America to improve the experience within mosques, conventions, related classes and events, as well as to engender a positive and welcoming community for persons with disabilities.

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Is Miftaah right for you?

Miftaah Institute aims to preserve the practices of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his beloved companions. This means teaching and learning knowledge in a sacred manner. Through this work, Miftaah can help prepare the future leaders of our communities as well as preserve and serve this sacred religion.

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Miftaah Institute aims to preserve the practice of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and His beloved companions: to teach and learn knowledge in a sacred manner. Miftaah Institute exists to prepare future leaders in communities that preserve and serve this sacred religion.

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