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By using Prophetic wisdom as the basis of our educational strategy, Miftaah provides students the chance to achieve mastery in two core subjects: Arabic and Islamic Studies.

This is the gateway to all the fruits of sacred knowledge. We offer a wide range of classes to introduce you to the Islamic Sciences, teaching them in an engaging manner that will help you improve as a person and give back to your community. Students regard our instructors as easy to approach and learn from.

Not only is Miftaah committed to serving the students that come through our doors, but we are equally dedicated to serving communities across North America. We provide lectures and speakers for Jummah, seminars, and Halaqas, along with offering specific workshops and classes, such as "Pray like Your Prophet" and " A Walk through Jannah" which are more intensive and engaging. Our speakers have been traveling across North America to provide these services and intend to continue these efforts.

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