Faculty of Instructors

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Waheed

Director - Instructor

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Waheed was born in East Lansing, Michigan. He began Islamic studies at Jaamiah al-Uloom al-Islamiyyah, where he became a Hafiz.Upon the completion of his memorization of the Quran, Shaykh Abdul Aziz decided to continue his studies in Islamic sciences . He started his 7 year Shariah program in Toronto, Canada. Shaykh Abdul Aziz Waheed graduated with honors and went on to receive Ijazzat for teaching Hadith from prominent scholars from around the world. He also travels extensively across North America for Dawah purposes. Throughout his travels, Shaykh Abdul Aziz addresses communities across the United States – and particularly in Michigan – on a wide range of Islamic topics and Inshallah, continues to do so with the Tawfiq of Allah SWT . Shaykh Abdul Aziz is a Co-founder of Miftaah Institute and also serves as Dean of Academic Affairs at Michigan Islamic Institute.