Event Sponsorships

From Darkness to Light

What your space entitles you to

1. One 6ft table with at least 2 chairs
2. Admission and Meal Tickets
3. Unlimited access to snacks, coffee and water located at the venue
4. Please note that electrical outlets are spaced out across the hall but CANNOT guarantee that you will be close to one, so we strongly encourage the use of pre-charged equipment.

What to bring:
1. Do bring your own utility carts
2. Tablecloth for exhibit table
3. Standup Banner or backdrop
4. Bring promotional marketing materials, such as flyers, cards, pens, and stationary
5. Extension cords in case you need access to electrical outlets located away from your space, as well as duct tape for wires to create a hazard-free zone.

What to avoid:
1. Please do not bring additional tables. Maximum one table will be allowed within your allocated space.
2. No flashing lights/fog/steam/music/nasheeds/speaker system/tent of any type will be allowed at any booth.
3. Kindly do not sell food/drinks or apparel that are not novelty items directly associated with your brand.

If you have any questions about packages, schedule, payments, invoices, etc, you may contact us at events@miftaah.org.

Arrival and Departure Details

1. Sponsors are encouraged to arrive at least 1.5 hour prior to the start of the event and to complete bringing items from their vehicles to their booth space by at least 1 hour prior to the start of the event. We encourage your table setup to be complete by at least 45 minutes prior to the start of the event, as attendees show up to 1 hour prior to get good parking, seating and grab refreshments. This would be optimal time for your organization or business to promote your services and/or products.
2. It is advised to bring personal trolleys/utility carts as the hotel/masjids provided carts will be in use by the event organizing team. Loading docks may or may not be located near the main hall or accessible.
3. The event schedule is provided via the email used to purchase your package. Sponsors are requested to stay for as long as the event is scheduled to be hosted.

Sponsorship Guide

Miftaah Institute aims to be an educational platform where people have the opportunity to develop themselves as keys for the spreading of divine knowledge. Here they can learn or teach this knowledge, how to act upon it, and emerge as inspirational leaders.

Miftaah strives to make this world a better place for Muslims by providing engaging, accessible, and educational community gatherings. Through Miftaah, the community can engage in conversations and workshops with scholars, fellow students, and attendees. Don’t miss this chance to promote your organization with Miftaah!


Thank you for your generous support of Miftaah Institute. On behalf of Miftaah Institute, we are very happy to be part of this beautiful event with you.
1. Payment should be received at least 5 Days prior to the event and publishing of ad
2. We accept payment through
Venmo (miftaah11122),
Paypal (paypal.me/miftaah),
Check (mail to: 11200 East 11 Mile RD, Warren, MI 48089), and
Credit Card and Bank Transfer (using the provided links above)
3. All contracts are final