In Search of Truth

Mufti Asim Rashid

We live in a world where falsehood is very prevalent and overwhelming. This gives many people the false impression that falsehood is in fact dominant. It’s easy to believe that a book is bad when it has a bad cover. Likewise, it’s easy to believe that Truth is being overcome by Falsehood when it is only covered by it. Moreover, people of intellect and foresight will look deeper by actually reading the book before finalizing thoughts on it and will see through the Falsehood covering the eternal Truth.

In this verse, Allah (SWT) compares Truth to Falsehood and distinguishes between the two for us through analogy so that we may free ourselves of this misunderstanding. He (SWT) compares Truth with pure water sent from the sky into various valleys and Falsehood with rubbish that surfaces it. Each valley has a different level of capacity to carry water. Respectively, a valley is filled with pure water; however, that pure water is sometimes surfaced by rubbish which is washed into it. This rubbish can easily mislead one to think that the water is impure entirely, however that is not the case and the rubbish will eventually be washed out and all that will remain will be pure water.

Allah (SWT) gives a second similar example which is of metals that we use to mold beneficial and valuable merchandise such as gold molded into an expensive ring. However, before this gold is molded into a ring it may have had some dust and unwanted material accumulated on it. Just as the water washed out the rubbish, the fire burned off the misleading dust on the gold, therefore only leaving the gold ring remaining purely.

Just as Allah (SWT) sent down the pure water to fill up the valleys, He (SWT) has also sent down to us The Pure Quran to fill our hearts with the light of its knowledge and wisdom. However, each heart will have a different capacity to carry this light based on its ratio of purity vs. impurity, understanding vs. lack of understanding. Through this verse, we understand that Truth will always remain dominant and the Falsehood covering it will be washed up shore like the rubbish covering the water. Therefore, we must align ourselves with the Truth rather than the Falsehood so that we may be saved from being destroyed along with it...

كَذٰلِكَ يَضۡرِبُ اللّٰهُ الۡحَـقَّ وَالۡبَاطِلَ
“Thus Allah gives such examples for the truth and the falsehood.”
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