Faculty of Instructors

Ustadha Zanoor Yusuf


Ustadha Zanoor was born and raised in Seattle, WA. From a young age she attended a pioneering Islamic scholars program at Darul Uloom Seattle and subsequently completed the final two years of Alimah program in Chicago. After her return she taught the Alima program for two years at her alma matter. She earned her Bachelors degree in Law, Economics & Public Policy, and Community Psychology, double majoring with honors. Simultaneously, while being a full time instructor at Darul Uloom Seattle, Ustadha remained passionately engaged in serving her community through weekly sisters halaqaat, Sunday school, Maktab programs, and serving as a Youth-Director for the Islamic Center of Eastside. After relocating to Michigan, Ustadha Zanoor assisted in the establishment of Muneer Academy, the first English medium Alima Program in Michigan. She joined Miftaah Institute in 2018, as the Institutes first female scholar. Ustadha Zanoor is known for her commitment to excellence, ability to connect with others, and as a true Seattlite, her love of cool bipolar weather.